I’m not posting on THIS blog anymore.

I do not know why it wont delete.

But it’s being a stubborn ass and it WONT.

(Yes, I started another one.)


It’s more of a private journal.


You dont need to see it~







Is awesome. I made an account. And I’m going to sing in it. (Yay!)
I WOULD give you the link, but I’m scared that the voice would give my identity away.


I find it incredibly annoying that when one makes a video with Windows Movie Maker, it takes a long time to publish. Because I’m publishing a what, a 1:27 minute video? And it’s taking like 40 minutes. Tell me that makes sense!

Anyway, because I have oh-so amazing poem-writing skills (I’m being sarcastic), I decided to write a song.
(Because I’m that deluded. No, joking.)
I wanted to try it, and the tune…ended up sounding…like one of the Naruto opening, and as my friend said, a emo version of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On… (Celine? SP?)

And what’s even MORE annoying, when I post it up on youtube, it takes about just as long.

(Go figure)


DAMN it’s getting cold. Like, really cold. And it’s gonna be below freezing tomorrow. I can’t wait. (Sarcasm alert.)

I’m really sad right now, because I have to get rid of my dog…
Stupid family member who hate my dog! (Not saying who. Just saying it’s a family member.)
But it’s for the dog’s happiness. Not mine. And that stupid family member’s. Yes.
Kohana! You must cope!
(With that, and your boyfriend who is sort of a fake. Yes.)

Okay, I…
Oh, it’s Thanksgiving week! Want me to do a special and talk about the history of Thanksgiving?
A couple hundred years ago…


Nah, I’m too lazy for that. Plus, it’s 11 at night. Too tired.








Gomen gomen gomen gomen!

Which means: “Sorry sorry sorry sorry!” Because I am, really. Well, to anyone who’s actually READING this. xD

I would make this long, like, really long, but I don’t have that much time. So please forgive me!! T^T

I would also explain as to why I had a long (like a week or so?) absense. But I think the story would really bore you, and would probably give away my identity! (Oh no!!)
Or not.
E’nuff about me. News for people who live in Yongsan. (Or near it)


In Seoul, the weather is getting colder! (Oh nooo! Not cold weather!!!)
Today, the weather is about 48 degrees! (About 6 degrees Celcius.)
Tomorrow, it’ll be around 32, (0 degrees Celcius) and on Monday, even COLDER! D: Below freezing!
Be sure to wrap warmly on Monday when you head to school! (Or Work.)

For people who are in the YS (Winter) Swim team.
Remember, for those who signed up for the “White” team, your practices are Mondays and Wednesdays. And on specific Saturdays. If you signed up for the “Blue” team, then your practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on specific Saturdays. Elementary schoolers and lower’s practice time is around 3:30 to 5 pm, and middle schoolers and high schoolers’ practice time is 5:00 to 6:30. Saturday practices are from 8 to 10 am, I believe.


That’s about it for RIGHT NOW. I’ll probably add more today. Maybe. xD
Well, I dont have much to talk about today. Sorry, bye~


I apologize greatly

For I haven’t posted in such a long time. (?) Usually, I post every day, but I was going through some troubling things..

I can’t give you the details, but it includes the fact that my boyfriend is sort of a fake. But a kinda fake. But, oh, gosh, it’s so hard to explain. Let’s just say that he did something that hurt me.

Another thing, someone has been using my name to do terrible things to people. Apparently, people would think I’m doing the things they were. It caused me misery, though they believed me when I said I didn’t do it.

I’m not 100% well at the moment, but I soon will be. I promise, then I’ll be posting everyday and will always talk about nonsense again. But for now, I’ll be on a (short short short) vaca untill I feel better and get myself hyped up so I can talk about something nice, and not my crappy life.



I was about to-

just leave it has it is, and not post today thinking, oh…nobody really reads it.
But I felt guilty and made myself post today because I was afraid it would become a habit and I might never post again.

I’m chicken. Yes. I am. So very very chicken.

And I feel weird. So very empty. Like..
Maybe it’s because theres nothing really to talk about.

I guess this’ll be my shortest post or something.
(First one doesnt count)


(I’m tired)


How is it…

That it seems every time I think, “I can do it!”, I can’t?
It’s sooo weird!! xD
Today is an example.
Well, I can do it tomorrow!!!!!!
(If I make it, I shall explain tomorrow.)


Myself to Sleep

Tossing, turning, squirming, struggling,
I lay on my bed.
Squinting at the plain, boring ceiling,
I lay on my bed.

It seems the night is long,
Too long for me to fall asleep,
I wish I can be strong,
So I wouldnt have to weep.

Tears that stream down my face,
It seems they can’t stop.
They stream down at a steady pace,
One by one they drop.

I try to restrain,
And I wipe away the tears,
I try to sleep again
Before again, they appear.


Well, that wasn’t TOO bad. In fact, it sounded okay.
But always, as I say. Not good enough. My brother is always better than me when it comes to writing poems (that’s only ONE thing he’s better than me at. Math doesn’t count.) because he’s so damn creative. Idk how he does it. Really.

Which brings up the topic: Emily Dickinson.
Emily Dickinson is my HERO.
Duh, she wrote the best poems I’ve read in my life.
And what’s better, she didn’t write them as a career, no. In fact, she wrote many of them, and her friends and family tried to urge her to publicize them. The only ten of her poems that were publicized during her life were the ones her friends sent for publication without her permission. It was only after her death that her sister found 1,700 of her poems in a drawer. (Wowww.) Which I think it just awesome.
Here are some of her poems that I really like:



‘T WAS a long parting, but the time
For interview had come;
Before the judgment-seat of God,
The last and second time
These fleshless lovers met,
A heaven in a gaze,
A heaven of heaven’s, the privilege
Of one another’s eyes.

No lifetime set on them,
Apparelled as the new
Unborn, except they had beheld,
Born everlasting now.

Was bridal e’er like this?
A paradise, the host,
And cherubim and serphim
The most familiar guest.”

Which is funny, because she doesn’t seem to rhyme in her poems. However, the words seem to flow very nicely. I wish I had that talent…
How I got to know about Emily Dickinson is that my grandfather sent me a book. It has (I think) all her poems. I love to open it at a random page and just read the words out loud. It’s just so soothing!
If I get my hands on one of my brother’s poems or whatever, I’ll post it up.
(One that he hasnt written for school.)
I think the reason I’m not that good at writing poems is that I don’t seem to follow any “type” of poem.
However, my brother does.
Actually, I do like to write haiku. Here’s one I just came up with:

The cherry blossom,
It blooms so prettily so.
Pink and prim, it is.

Haikus are very short and sweet. I like to come up with them sometimes when I have nothing to do.
Sometimes I just have inspirations, you know?
Well, I have to go and work on my science homework!
(Stupid stupid cornell notes…D:)


P.S. I’m gonna do it tomorrow! I CAN DO IT, YO!

Double P.S. I think I need an editor! Oh wait, never mind. I just don’t use spell check. I am SUCH an idiot.




I hate, and OUTSIDER!

Which is the email thingy that our school(s) uses. It’s really stupid, useless, and no one really uses it unless the teacher instructs them to. Or if they need to use the digital locker for school. Or if they need to email their teachers for something. It’s so stupid. And what’s even MORE stupid, is that the teachers sent out multiple announcements to our gaggles. Then expect us to read them! We have our own emails! Be it hotmail (the most used), yahoo, AOL, AIM, Gmail, Whatever!
And, I bet you anything they’re going to send out our school newsletters out by gaggle. And then no one will read them. Great. Just great. Two years ago, they actually passed them out, though. Now it’s all technology! And the type that no one uses. GREAT.


Today, I’m going to talk about OUTSIDER!
Outsider1  He doesn’t look that hawt in this pic. But there seems to be a difference between this and this album pic:

The album being Maestro!
For those of you who don’t know him,
(And I’m talking about him because I think he should be more well known! Lol)
He’s a Korean rapper, and might as well be the fastest rapper in the world!
17 syllables per second! WOW!
The two songs I know from him are 외톨이-Alone/Loner and 남자답게-Like a Man.
They are both really good songs!!! They sound really nice. I’m sure this guy has very good talent.

I find KPop songs very addicting. Lol.
Hmm, what else should I talk about?
Oh, might as well come up with another poem.

I’m Bored.

Listening to Outsider,
I stare at the screen,
My fingers typing,
So bored I could scream.

Talking to my friends,
via messenger,
Writing in a blog,
Growing border and border.

That’s probably the worst poem I ever thought of.
Well, you can’t really blame me. I thought that up in 5 seconds. (I usually come up with my other poems in a couple of minutes, lol!!)
Yeah, that’s probably why I suck at writing poems so much..

Does anyone read manga?





Because I have…

someone that’s actually reading this. I feel happy. Reallyyyy.

A friend of mine requested a poem. Idk y, she said she wanted to put it on the school newspaper. Why, I really don’t know. I’m not a very good poet. But anyway, last night around….10 pm, she asked this. I had to go somewhere, down South of Korea, in the country-side at the middle of the night.
When I was sleeping there, I thought of the poem. It all came to me. Like, 1,2,3. Like, weird. But anyway, I panicked, cause I thought I would forget it. The next morning, as soon as I found a pen and some sort of paper, I wrote it all down. (Thank GOD.) But this actually sort of happened last night. Except for the last line. I’ll explain after I type the poem..


I Laughed

A bubble of laughter fills me,
as I lost all control,
a laugh, a chortle, a snicker, a giggle,
controls me once more.

I start to wonder why I’m laughing,
Then I choke in realization.
Tears start to fall and I start to sob.
Because I was laughing
At my own reflection.



Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night last night at around 12, and just started LAUGHING. Idk y. It was really weird. Then I started crying all of a sudden, unable to stop. I really don’t know why that happened. I decided to use that for the poem, but I couldn’t think of the ending. So I decided to just write down how ugly I am. Yeah.

Right! Ideas.

Books I’ve Read and Movies I’ve Watched
Twilight was very addicting until I finished the series. I kept on reading the series over and over and over again, until I got sick of it. And when I did, I found Bella pretty annoying. I began to hate the cliche acts, the crying over the lost boyfriend and such. Idk, maybe it’s because I never experienced it that I hate it now. But I used to bawl while I read the series, really.
Harry Potter is my favorite series so far. I didn’t even read all of it, I have two left. (Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows or whatever.)

Movies I’ve watched…I don’t really watch movies that much, because I’m not that in touch with the outside world. (lol) Always bombarded with school work and family stuff, I never really check out the upcoming movies much. I can just say my favorite movie is Spirited Away. It’s a Japanese animated film made by I forgot his name. But it’s really really good. (I wrote a fanfic on it! xD)

Do I Play Any Games?
Um, honestly, I have low tolerance in such things as video games.
My mum even tried to FORCE me to play the Nintendo Game Cube when I was in 2nd grade.

I started crying because I didn’t know how to make my character jump, and my mum was screaming at me.
“It’s the ‘Y’ button! PRESS THE ‘Y’ BUTTON!!!”
“I’m trying! She’s not jumping over it! Mamaaa! I can’t! I cannn’t!!!”

Even though I asked for the Game Boy Advance SP after that, and the Nintendo DS Lite after THAT, I still am not that fond of video games. If anything, I play PC games. And I don’t even play those because my parents don’t  like that.
The only PC game I’m allowed to really play is Sims 3.
I’m not really overly fond of that, either. It gets boring. (All games do.)

Btw, I live in Korea. And I attend SAMS. And I’m a girl. That’s all I’m going to say. So if you attend SAMS, Hi!
It’d be cool to meet you. If you find out who I am.

(Heh, good luck with THAT.)

Well, it’s about time to gooo!!!




Cheetos are way different from American Cheetos. I’m not joking.

It’s so weird, our American ones, they’re all CHEESY.
Cuz, you know. That’s the whole POINT in Cheetos. It being CHEESY! You know, Chester saying something like,
“EXXXTRA CHEEEESY!!” Or whatever.
Korean Cheetos have no cheese at all. None. Zip. Nada.

I ate one small piece of those spicy flavored Cheetos, a bus-mate gave me.

Had my mouth burning for HOURS.

(As you can see, I’m not that tolerate of spicy foods. Ramen doesn’t count. Ramen isn’t spicy.)


What else was I going to talk about?
(Since no one left me suggestions..)
Oh that’s right. Knitting.
When I first saw people knitting, I thought it was really easy. Like, EASY! I mean, you just see old ladies in cartoons just clicking away with needles and the scarf or whatever coming out like a train or whatever.
But in truth it’s really hard. In cartoons, they dont even hold it right! Wtf?!

Anyway, Yeah. I’m sorta kinda getting the hang of it.
(I hate “Pearl” stiches. I do)

Oh Oh Oh Oh!
If anyone is reading this.
Help, here?
I like this one dude. And I text him, and send message him on msn.
But he hardly answers.
Is he just ignoring me because he thinks I’m annoying? Or is he just plain busy??
God, I really hope it’s not the first one. I really like him…T-T

Oh, I bet I didn’t tell you.

But I like drawing and writing. If you havent noticed. You know, the fanfiction link?
(Most of the stories that are there are soooo immature and stuff. Old things. I dont even know why they’re still there. Really. But I’m getting better, compared to back then. Serious.)

Anyway, I’m sort of making a manga plot. So I might post pictures of my character and such.
And I might might might make a doujinshi.
Because see, I’m a Naruto fan. And a Soul Eater fan. And a Fruits Basket fan. And a Spirited Away fan.
(SasuSaku, SoulMaka, KyouTohru, and HakuChihiro respectively, are my OTPs of those anime/move)

So I might might might post drawings. Might.

God, I really hope someone is reading this. Otherwise, I’m writing this for nothing. That makes me feel sad. Really.



Hey guys…

I’m really tired and I just spent 25 minutes or so just to make this blog. It’s 10 at night, and my eyes are heavy.
I just want to go and get some sleep, but I feel entitled to post something before I leave.
I dont know what this blog will be about.
Or what it will talk about,
Or what I want it to talk about.
You can give me ideas and stuff.

I’ll talk more tomorrow in the afternoon, kay?

This isn’t my first blog. But I hope this one will be different than the others.

I hope people actually read this one.

Thank you, if you are reading this.


P.S. If I have any grammacal errors, I apologize. I am dead tired.