Cheetos are way different from American Cheetos. I’m not joking.

It’s so weird, our American ones, they’re all CHEESY.
Cuz, you know. That’s the whole POINT in Cheetos. It being CHEESY! You know, Chester saying something like,
“EXXXTRA CHEEEESY!!” Or whatever.
Korean Cheetos have no cheese at all. None. Zip. Nada.

I ate one small piece of those spicy flavored Cheetos, a bus-mate gave me.

Had my mouth burning for HOURS.

(As you can see, I’m not that tolerate of spicy foods. Ramen doesn’t count. Ramen isn’t spicy.)


What else was I going to talk about?
(Since no one left me suggestions..)
Oh that’s right. Knitting.
When I first saw people knitting, I thought it was really easy. Like, EASY! I mean, you just see old ladies in cartoons just clicking away with needles and the scarf or whatever coming out like a train or whatever.
But in truth it’s really hard. In cartoons, they dont even hold it right! Wtf?!

Anyway, Yeah. I’m sorta kinda getting the hang of it.
(I hate “Pearl” stiches. I do)

Oh Oh Oh Oh!
If anyone is reading this.
Help, here?
I like this one dude. And I text him, and send message him on msn.
But he hardly answers.
Is he just ignoring me because he thinks I’m annoying? Or is he just plain busy??
God, I really hope it’s not the first one. I really like him…T-T

Oh, I bet I didn’t tell you.

But I like drawing and writing. If you havent noticed. You know, the fanfiction link?
(Most of the stories that are there are soooo immature and stuff. Old things. I dont even know why they’re still there. Really. But I’m getting better, compared to back then. Serious.)

Anyway, I’m sort of making a manga plot. So I might post pictures of my character and such.
And I might might might make a doujinshi.
Because see, I’m a Naruto fan. And a Soul Eater fan. And a Fruits Basket fan. And a Spirited Away fan.
(SasuSaku, SoulMaka, KyouTohru, and HakuChihiro respectively, are my OTPs of those anime/move)

So I might might might post drawings. Might.

God, I really hope someone is reading this. Otherwise, I’m writing this for nothing. That makes me feel sad. Really.




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  1. Joseph Jin Said:

    Ramen is slightly spicy. Apparently I noticed you are Korean, so I believe that you wouldn’t really have your mouth burning for hours.

    Is your name anonymous or something because I beleive “Hohanahana” isn’t Korean and have a slim chance to be Japanese…?

    Suggestions, you ask? Hmm…. I don’t know your personality well, so I can’t really think… how about reading or movies or something?

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