Because I have…

someone that’s actually reading this. I feel happy. Reallyyyy.

A friend of mine requested a poem. Idk y, she said she wanted to put it on the school newspaper. Why, I really don’t know. I’m not a very good poet. But anyway, last night around….10 pm, she asked this. I had to go somewhere, down South of Korea, in the country-side at the middle of the night.
When I was sleeping there, I thought of the poem. It all came to me. Like, 1,2,3. Like, weird. But anyway, I panicked, cause I thought I would forget it. The next morning, as soon as I found a pen and some sort of paper, I wrote it all down. (Thank GOD.) But this actually sort of happened last night. Except for the last line. I’ll explain after I type the poem..


I Laughed

A bubble of laughter fills me,
as I lost all control,
a laugh, a chortle, a snicker, a giggle,
controls me once more.

I start to wonder why I’m laughing,
Then I choke in realization.
Tears start to fall and I start to sob.
Because I was laughing
At my own reflection.



Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night last night at around 12, and just started LAUGHING. Idk y. It was really weird. Then I started crying all of a sudden, unable to stop. I really don’t know why that happened. I decided to use that for the poem, but I couldn’t think of the ending. So I decided to just write down how ugly I am. Yeah.

Right! Ideas.

Books I’ve Read and Movies I’ve Watched
Twilight was very addicting until I finished the series. I kept on reading the series over and over and over again, until I got sick of it. And when I did, I found Bella pretty annoying. I began to hate the cliche acts, the crying over the lost boyfriend and such. Idk, maybe it’s because I never experienced it that I hate it now. But I used to bawl while I read the series, really.
Harry Potter is my favorite series so far. I didn’t even read all of it, I have two left. (Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows or whatever.)

Movies I’ve watched…I don’t really watch movies that much, because I’m not that in touch with the outside world. (lol) Always bombarded with school work and family stuff, I never really check out the upcoming movies much. I can just say my favorite movie is Spirited Away. It’s a Japanese animated film made by I forgot his name. But it’s really really good. (I wrote a fanfic on it! xD)

Do I Play Any Games?
Um, honestly, I have low tolerance in such things as video games.
My mum even tried to FORCE me to play the Nintendo Game Cube when I was in 2nd grade.

I started crying because I didn’t know how to make my character jump, and my mum was screaming at me.
“It’s the ‘Y’ button! PRESS THE ‘Y’ BUTTON!!!”
“I’m trying! She’s not jumping over it! Mamaaa! I can’t! I cannn’t!!!”

Even though I asked for the Game Boy Advance SP after that, and the Nintendo DS Lite after THAT, I still am not that fond of video games. If anything, I play PC games. And I don’t even play those because my parents don’t  like that.
The only PC game I’m allowed to really play is Sims 3.
I’m not really overly fond of that, either. It gets boring. (All games do.)

Btw, I live in Korea. And I attend SAMS. And I’m a girl. That’s all I’m going to say. So if you attend SAMS, Hi!
It’d be cool to meet you. If you find out who I am.

(Heh, good luck with THAT.)

Well, it’s about time to gooo!!!




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