I hate, and OUTSIDER!


Which is the email thingy that our school(s) uses. It’s really stupid, useless, and no one really uses it unless the teacher instructs them to. Or if they need to use the digital locker for school. Or if they need to email their teachers for something. It’s so stupid. And what’s even MORE stupid, is that the teachers sent out multiple announcements to our gaggles. Then expect us to read them! We have our own emails! Be it hotmail (the most used), yahoo, AOL, AIM, Gmail, Whatever!
And, I bet you anything they’re going to send out our school newsletters out by gaggle. And then no one will read them. Great. Just great. Two years ago, they actually passed them out, though. Now it’s all technology! And the type that no one uses. GREAT.


Today, I’m going to talk about OUTSIDER!
Outsider1  He doesn’t look that hawt in this pic. But there seems to be a difference between this and this album pic:

The album being Maestro!
For those of you who don’t know him,
(And I’m talking about him because I think he should be more well known! Lol)
He’s a Korean rapper, and might as well be the fastest rapper in the world!
17 syllables per second! WOW!
The two songs I know from him are 외톨이-Alone/Loner and 남자답게-Like a Man.
They are both really good songs!!! They sound really nice. I’m sure this guy has very good talent.

I find KPop songs very addicting. Lol.
Hmm, what else should I talk about?
Oh, might as well come up with another poem.

I’m Bored.

Listening to Outsider,
I stare at the screen,
My fingers typing,
So bored I could scream.

Talking to my friends,
via messenger,
Writing in a blog,
Growing border and border.

That’s probably the worst poem I ever thought of.
Well, you can’t really blame me. I thought that up in 5 seconds. (I usually come up with my other poems in a couple of minutes, lol!!)
Yeah, that’s probably why I suck at writing poems so much..

Does anyone read manga?






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