How is it…

That it seems every time I think, “I can do it!”, I can’t?
It’s sooo weird!! xD
Today is an example.
Well, I can do it tomorrow!!!!!!
(If I make it, I shall explain tomorrow.)


Myself to Sleep

Tossing, turning, squirming, struggling,
I lay on my bed.
Squinting at the plain, boring ceiling,
I lay on my bed.

It seems the night is long,
Too long for me to fall asleep,
I wish I can be strong,
So I wouldnt have to weep.

Tears that stream down my face,
It seems they can’t stop.
They stream down at a steady pace,
One by one they drop.

I try to restrain,
And I wipe away the tears,
I try to sleep again
Before again, they appear.


Well, that wasn’t TOO bad. In fact, it sounded okay.
But always, as I say. Not good enough. My brother is always better than me when it comes to writing poems (that’s only ONE thing he’s better than me at. Math doesn’t count.) because he’s so damn creative. Idk how he does it. Really.

Which brings up the topic: Emily Dickinson.
Emily Dickinson is my HERO.
Duh, she wrote the best poems I’ve read in my life.
And what’s better, she didn’t write them as a career, no. In fact, she wrote many of them, and her friends and family tried to urge her to publicize them. The only ten of her poems that were publicized during her life were the ones her friends sent for publication without her permission. It was only after her death that her sister found 1,700 of her poems in a drawer. (Wowww.) Which I think it just awesome.
Here are some of her poems that I really like:



‘T WAS a long parting, but the time
For interview had come;
Before the judgment-seat of God,
The last and second time
These fleshless lovers met,
A heaven in a gaze,
A heaven of heaven’s, the privilege
Of one another’s eyes.

No lifetime set on them,
Apparelled as the new
Unborn, except they had beheld,
Born everlasting now.

Was bridal e’er like this?
A paradise, the host,
And cherubim and serphim
The most familiar guest.”

Which is funny, because she doesn’t seem to rhyme in her poems. However, the words seem to flow very nicely. I wish I had that talent…
How I got to know about Emily Dickinson is that my grandfather sent me a book. It has (I think) all her poems. I love to open it at a random page and just read the words out loud. It’s just so soothing!
If I get my hands on one of my brother’s poems or whatever, I’ll post it up.
(One that he hasnt written for school.)
I think the reason I’m not that good at writing poems is that I don’t seem to follow any “type” of poem.
However, my brother does.
Actually, I do like to write haiku. Here’s one I just came up with:

The cherry blossom,
It blooms so prettily so.
Pink and prim, it is.

Haikus are very short and sweet. I like to come up with them sometimes when I have nothing to do.
Sometimes I just have inspirations, you know?
Well, I have to go and work on my science homework!
(Stupid stupid cornell notes…D:)


P.S. I’m gonna do it tomorrow! I CAN DO IT, YO!

Double P.S. I think I need an editor! Oh wait, never mind. I just don’t use spell check. I am SUCH an idiot.





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