Is awesome. I made an account. And I’m going to sing in it. (Yay!)
I WOULD give you the link, but I’m scared that the voice would give my identity away.


I find it incredibly annoying that when one makes a video with Windows Movie Maker, it takes a long time to publish. Because I’m publishing a what, a 1:27 minute video? And it’s taking like 40 minutes. Tell me that makes sense!

Anyway, because I have oh-so amazing poem-writing skills (I’m being sarcastic), I decided to write a song.
(Because I’m that deluded. No, joking.)
I wanted to try it, and the tune…ended up sounding…like one of the Naruto opening, and as my friend said, a emo version of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On… (Celine? SP?)

And what’s even MORE annoying, when I post it up on youtube, it takes about just as long.

(Go figure)


DAMN it’s getting cold. Like, really cold. And it’s gonna be below freezing tomorrow. I can’t wait. (Sarcasm alert.)

I’m really sad right now, because I have to get rid of my dog…
Stupid family member who hate my dog! (Not saying who. Just saying it’s a family member.)
But it’s for the dog’s happiness. Not mine. And that stupid family member’s. Yes.
Kohana! You must cope!
(With that, and your boyfriend who is sort of a fake. Yes.)

Okay, I…
Oh, it’s Thanksgiving week! Want me to do a special and talk about the history of Thanksgiving?
A couple hundred years ago…


Nah, I’m too lazy for that. Plus, it’s 11 at night. Too tired.









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